It is a wonderful practice by which one can be more alive in the present moment and experience different things around them without being judgmental. This is known as the noble eightfold path which is practiced by Buddhists. It is considered to be the path for one to take towards enlightenment. It is also part of the Hatha yoga, which incorporates similar techniques. Mindfulness has a physical as well as mental component. It strengthens the connection between the mind and the body. It is a worthy spiritual practice as it is known to have benefits like reducing stress, managing pain as well as being personally aware of oneself.

How it is practiced?

It is a form of meditation where one is asked to sit still. They can engage in walking or other specific activities as well, which can help cultivate mindfulness. Focus on breathing as well as quietness is some ways mindfulness can be practiced. When one is practicing mindfulness it would also be advocated by anxiety psychologist. Patients are taught to understand how the mind wanders and to take note of the same. The focus needs to be brought back to one’s breathing or on the mantra being followed.

How it can help?

We are often disconnected in our thoughts and actions. With stress and anxiety many people are unable to control their thoughts, emotions and reactions. As a result, not only do they lose their peace of mind, but are also unable to function efficiently. For these reasons many anxiety psychologist experts advise patients to practice the art of mindfulness.

How it works?

When one is focusing on mindfulness they can do it any way and during the course of daily life. It is a way of being non judgmental. That is mainly because our thinking and reactions are often influenced by prejudices as well as associations with previous experiences. We often have negative or positive reactions to people, things and events that occur in our lives. Mindfulness helps one to realize the external objects by themselves and to help remove emotions associated with them. Happiness can be generated from inside; it is a will or a calmness that can be generated from inside.

Stress reduction

It is an apprched towards changing our mindset and the reasons that we develop different thoughts in our minds. It is also considered a great way to reduce stress. One can simply force their minds to be still and to take in the sights, sounds and other occurrences in the external world without reacting to them. This is a great way to reduce stress, buildup of anxiety and reactions within ourselves, which usually has adverse effects on our health.